Getting Started

You will receive an email from coachesclinic.com with the subject title "Please check your speaker details". This email will contain a specific link to sign up. You MUST sign up first to be able to login to your speaker dashboard. After signing up and logging in; go to your speaker dashboard, and this is where you will be able to edit all of your information (ie. name, bio, social media links, etc.). See the image below:

Speaker Dashboard

For best results on changing your profile picture, use the following size requirements: 500x500 px @96ppi

If you are doing a live presentation, you will be provided with your specific Zoom link 24 hours and 1 hour prior to your talk. This is sent via email with the subject line "Your talk is in 24hrs!" or "Your talk is in 60 minutes!". You MUST click on that link to be redirected to the Zoom Webinar where the moderator will be there to greet you. If there is not a moderator in the room yet, you will not be able to get in. Not to worry! The moderator may be finishing up another talk and will be there shortly!

Offers, Giveaways, & Freebies

Prizedraw Giveaway

This will be made available to Attendees if they share this Conference across their social channels (as an incentive to increase registrations). Additionally, attendees can also be entered into this prizedraw by turning up to a Talk live. Winners are notified 24hrs after the Talk has taken place.

Exclusive Offer

Offers are a great way for Speakers to generate interest, signups and sales for a product of theirs. Offers are typically discounts rather than freebies. For example, they might offer 10% off their latest book or 3 months free if they sign-up to use their software. Speakers simply need to enter a URL for Attendees to redeem the offer. Offers are sent out to Attendees at the end of the day in the Replay email.


Freebies are designed to help Speakers offer their own lead magnet, to encourage Attendees to register for their presentation. If a freebie is made available, it will be shown on their Speaker and talk detail page.

Zoom Webinar

If you do not have Zoom installed, please Click Here to Download

Host (CoachesClinic/CoachTube)

This is the user who the webinar is scheduled under. They have full permissions to manage the webinar, panelists, and attendees. There can only be one host of a webinar. The host can do things like stop and start the webinar, mute panelists, stop panelists' video, remove attendees from the webinar, and more.

Co-host (Moderator)

They share many of the controls that hosts have, allowing the co-host to manage the administrative side of the webinar, such as managing attendees or starting/stopping the recording. The host must assign a co-host. Co-hosts cannot start a webinar.

Panelist (Speaker/Presenter)

They are full participants in a webinar. They can view and send video, screen share, annotate, etc. You must be assigned panelist permissions by the webinar host.


They are view-only participants who can be unmuted if the host chooses. Their view of the webinar is controlled by the host. They can interact with the host and the panelists through the Q&A and the chat.

For more information please refer to My Video Camera Isnt Working

When you start sharing your screen, the meeting controls will move into a menu that you can drag around your screen.

  • Mute/Unmute: Mute or unmute your microphone.
  • Start/Stop Video: Start or stop your in-meeting video.
  • New Share: Start a new screen share. You will be prompted to select which screen you want to share again.
  • Pause Share: Pause your current shared screen.
  • Chat: Open the chat window.
  • Q&A: Open the Q&A window.

For more information please refer to How Do I Share My Screen

Zoom optimizes screen sharing of a FULL SCREEN video clip to ensure the attendees have the best quality experience.

Note: Only follow these steps if you are screen sharing a video clip. If you are not sharing a video, make sure you turn off the option to optimize for full-screen video clip.

Starting a new screen share and optimizing for full-screen video

  1. Click the Share Screen button located in your meeting controls.
  2. Select the screen you want to share and select Optimize for full-screen video clip.
  3. Click Share Screen.
  4. Go full-screen when playing back your video clip for the best playback experience.
  5. IMPORTANT: After you have finished showing the video clip, be sure to go back and deselect the Optimize for full-screen video clip option. If you do not do this and are showing content that is not video, then it will cause the screen to be blurry for attendees.

Optimizing for full-screen video while screen sharing

  1. Click More in the screen share controls.
  2. Click Optimize Share for Full-screen Video Clip to enable it.
  3. Start playing your video while sharing your screen.

If you are having another issue, go to the link troubleshooting for more extensive list.

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